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Welcome To Galeri Apik

Our journey to continue collecting artworks from various sources has now sparked another desire to establish an idealistic project in a form of art community sanctuary in the capital city of Indonesia to open many opportunities as possible for talented artists that we knew and select, not only for their aesthetic and artistic skills but also their good character and spirit to move forward.

Such desire has gotten us strong will, until it leads us to establish Galeri Apik as of September 20, 2009 with initial idea to accommodate only up to 30 selected artworks every half-semester. Our team then went to every exhibition, art fair and biennale. Afterwards continued to visit every major city famous for art, not handycraft, and true talented artists. Based on our encounter with those artists, we realized then that private galleries and museum also played a significant role in building their continuous spirit to create and conclude each artworks ... more